The Rostov Kremlin

If you are curious about Russian Harvest and want to come visit us, we would be delighted! We invite you to come see everything by your own eyes.

The town of Rostov is a wonderful place to visit any time of year, primarily because of the extraordinary Kremlin, considered by many to be the most beautiful in Russia (Trip Advisor).

Rostov is a comfortable and inexpensive ($10) three-hour train ride from Moscow, and trains go there frequently, both inner-city and commuter.

Hotels are pleasant and inexpensive, ranging from $20 – $40 per night.

Rostov is one of the principle attractions in the famed Golden Ring, the ancient Russian towns which form a crescent to the north-east of Moscow, the spiritual  and cultural cradle of Russian civilization.

Visiting the Golden Ring is essential to understanding ‘the mysterious Russian soul.’

If you require assistance in organizing your visit, get in touch with us, and we would be happy to connect you with a tourist agency.