Fr. Joseph Gleason


Father Joseph is an Orthodox priest from Illinois. He also works as a Senior Engineer in a corporate IT department. Father Joseph recently relocated to Russia with his wife Amy and their eight children. Now he lives in Rostov Veliky and is building a new farming community near the ancient Orthodox churches that need restoration. Fr. Joseph speaks English and is studying Russian.

Anna Lutskova De Bacci

Project Manager

Anna is a young entrepreneur from Moscow. She has a degree in Business Administration & Economics from Touro University. She works as a Social Media Manager at The Duran and gives Russian Skype lessons. Anna is a devout Orthodox Christian, and would love to create her own Orthodox family. Fluent in Russian, English, and Serbian.

Amy Gleason

Blog Writer

Amy is an Orthodox mother of eight children from Illinois. She is married to Father Joseph. Before she got married, she served in the US Army as a System Administrator. Now she lives in Rostov Veliky and is writing a blog about the life here. Amy speaks English and is currently learning Russian.