Fr. Roman with his wife and eight children (and one grandchild)
Over 25 years ago, in the early 90s, Father Boris was a gifted priest and spiritual father in Rostov, Russia. He was greatly beloved by his spiritual children. He would give them spiritual advice and direction. Sometimes he would also provide revelations from the Lord, regarding future events.

To one particular man named Roman, Fr. Boris gave him three bits of information. He said that Roman would become a priest. (He did.) He said that Fr. Roman would have exactly eight children. (He and his wife did.) And he said that the day would come, when Fr. Roman would lead a movement, restoring Orthodox farming communities to the area around Rostov, just as they had formerly existed for hundreds of years. Interestingly, Fr. Boris said that the communities would not mostly be made up of native Russians. Rather, he said that people would come from all over the world to participate in this renewal of Christian community.

Fr. Joseph Gleason is an Orthodox priest from America. He and his wife also have eight children. Fr. Roman invited Fr. Joseph and his family to work alongside him to help build the first community, and they were very happy to accept the invitation. They now live in Rostov, and they are currently working on purchasing land in this area. With the help of other friends who move to this area, they hope to form a warm and inviting Orthodox farming community, with an Orthodox church at its center. Since the community will have many English speakers, it will be an inviting place for people who have not yet become fluent in Russian. Other Orthodox families will now have a place to come, where they will feel comfortable while learning the Russian language and culture.